It’s midnight and I had a long day already but when it comes to food my eyes are always wide awake. While cooking this I did feel like I was in India as I was cooking this with my neighbor, It worked out nice as she also had time at that time We ended up […]

Kashmiri Rice

This recipe was in my mind from couple of weeks, but to make it on Holi felt special and very festive. I enjoy all the festival with different cooking and cuisines. This is traditional and a fun recipe with endless varieties, reason why i like it is because it healthy and different and very festive […]

Vietnamise Summer Roll

I am no expert or a chef , but one thing I know for sure is that I love cooking , I get excited for trip to grocery stores, I like the freshness of fruits and vegetables , their color and crunch I know it gets over whelming some times to cook different things and […]

Daal Pitthi Poori

Rain or shine, hot or cold, this post doesn’t need any introduction loved by all the generations but kids cannot have enough of it. Pooris made to perfection, nice crisp and every single poori will be puffed and will stay puff:) Why is this different?  This is called a daal pitthi poori, made with yellow […]

Paneer Panini

I am surprised,I know its tough but i love to make an effort to write about how i actually feel about the recipe what goes in my mind before making it to the perfection to get that right amount of flavor desired look and taste!  But believe it or not I find it is so […]

Beet Root and Fruit Detoxifying Juice

Sometimes, its hard to find the right words to express how much your “mom” means to you, She has always been my teacher and guide. She visited me last year and I tell you my life got changed forever for a healthy living.  She taught me so much about juices, raw veggies and fruits. It […]

Jeera Cookies

I remember my mom giving me 10Rs to go buy the jeera cookies from nearest convenience shop for the guest that has just arrived. The whole packet will be gone in like 60 seconds. These cookies reminds me of those times that i have spent laughing and having a good time with my family. As […]

Tadka Paneer Tikka

This is one and only famous recipe among vegetarian & non-vegetarian. I like to call it paneer tikka with a tadka and reason being this recipe does have a tadka from mustard oil. Its one of the best paneer recipe that can be served as starter on as an accompaniment. I like the fact that […]

Kids Bread Sushi

I had a very busy and long day with my clients but i wanted to still post this recipe as this is great for valentines day different and special for kids, they can make their own favorite. So, how many of you have heard this, what did u make today? ahhhh mom,,i dont wanna eat […]