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New year, New beginning, Jan 2014 and here i am starting  my cooking blog.  Hello, I am preeti born and brought up in India , living in the states from last 15 years.

Welcome to my kitchen( Rasoi)!

My Passion

I never knew that my passion and obsession for cooking  would get me here and make me connected to the world through my food. I cannot blame it being a foodie. I love to cook because i think its very therapeutic and relaxing. Thank you to my family and friends for making me live my dream.

So, if i am not cooking or dreaming about new recipes, I am a busy Skin Care Therapist at www.preetisalon.com and mommy of 2 crazy boys!

My Inspiration

I truly believe that my love for cooking and the right understanding of food and flavors, spices and herbs comes from my mother. Who not only always gave us the best but also gave us the right choices of food with always home cooked flavorful meals only prepared with her never ending love for us! I love you mom!

My Support and Strength

This blog would not be at all possible , if i did not have love and support from my husband (Arjun Kalura) and is the very reason to start this new chapter in my life. He is the first one to try my food and the one to be a critic! I am proud to say that he is my back bone and the core strength.

To me kitchen is the heart and soul of the house, where the whole family gathers just by the aroma of whats cooking:) I feel content when they feel full and have smile on their faces.

In the end, I really appreciate for taking your time and looking into my blog and trying out my  recipes, i would love to know when you try one of the recipes. Your comments and feedbacks are welcome so feel free to chime in! You can also reach me at pkalura@gmail.com




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  1. Kitty Reply

    Good going Preeti….wish you all the luck and success.

    • pkalura Reply

      Thank you kitty:)

  2. parul Reply

    Hey Preeti…I don’t knw very much abt u bt surely i can say dat u cook dil se and ur passion is purely visible and people like us who appreciate good food will take ur name in the list…….And i wish u all the best in ur life…may u continue to follow ur passion…;))

    • pkalura Reply

      Parul that is so sweet of you to say, yes i cook dil se:)

  3. Jay Reply

    Good luck Bhabi…

    • pkalura Reply

      Thank you Jai bhaiya!

  4. Prachi Reply

    Hey Preeti,
    Good to see you after long time. Not sure if you remember, as we met only 2 back in 2006 in atlanta. Found your blog and love it!!

    Please post some more kids recipes whenever you get a chance.. Wish you good luck and success with your this venture.