First cook group party

It’s midnight and I am not sleepy . My mind is wondering for what should I cook next? How can that dish go with those spices, food, combinations spices, drinks, desserts and its endless… I know sounds too much but that’s what in my mind now a days,,,and here comes a sudden thought on having a Rasoi party and there goes a message to friends on a social networking site and here I have a bunch of great chefs with great food at my door :) as we planned!

What’s next,,,,,,laughter ,great company, great food ,everyone here is so inspiring in their own way for their own dish.  So the idea was great I called people who belonged from different states from India so that we all can have true authentic flavors from their city and  the next thing here’s my home full of aroma:) best looking dishes , great flavors all in all good friends, food and fun at one stop.


Thank you to all my friends for being a part of my first cook group party and showcasing your best plate on table , it was one mesmerizing beautiful afternoon spent together :) thank you for being a memorable part of my rasoi!


Thank you all for coming:) you all made it very special !


Love n hugs xoxoxo :)

Pictures of delicious food cooked for the occasion, looking at them makes me hungry.

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  1. Shwetha Reply

    Only one word.. Wow

  2. Abhishruti Reply

    This is so good! I am proud to be a part and kudos to eberyone who participated and you, the amazing host :)